Telecel Global through its triple play services provides state of art access the latest technological trend from voice, internet to new entertainment experience on all screens. We support many Telecom Service Providers, MVNOs and other Telecel Global sister operations with the latest technological streaming services, digital TV, high-speed Internet and corporate and home phone service at lower costs.

Telecel Global, in many countries, is changing the way customers experience digital video services, Voice, SMS and provide high speed broadband access to the internet. We deliver fast and reliable corporate and home internet access through Fiber, WiFi, LTE and other available mediums with a speed matching each customer need with options to include screening of e-mail for viruses, content filtering and the guarantee of communications privacy and security.

Whether through corporates unified communication system, smart phones, PSTNs, or through our own proprietary telephony and mobility systems we provide more ways to connect people together. Our voice services include many advance features such as call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, call screening, selective call blocking and conference calling.