Telecel Global offers world-class SMS, Media and Value Added Services. Started in 2009, we established a distinguished reputation for the quality and effectiveness of our telecom solutions. Telecel Global has developed a Tier 1 SMS network with large coverage of Direct Connections in addition to over 700 global destinations.

Being a key player in the industry, Telecel Global has been able to develop reliable partnership with networks operators throughout Europe, Africa and the MENA region.

Scope of Business

Telecel Global is an international SMS gateway providing the following data services:

  • Wholesale and A2P termination
  • Organic and P2P termination
  • VAS for mobiles
  • Traffic transit
  • Roaming


Telecel Global has direct interconnections with mobile operators and TIER1 carriers around the world especially in Europe, Africa, Asia and LATAM. Our strong business ties with world telecom leaders give us the flexibility and reliability needed to address and terminate wholesale and organic traffic to more 100+ destination worldwide.

SMS outbound services

Telecel Global’s SMS 1-way A2P service for Outbound messaging lets you instantly access the world’s almost 7 billion mobile subscribers and select the global SMS solution that best suits your communication requirements.

Featured support

  • Alphanumeric Numeric Sender IDs supporting up to 11 characters
  • Numeric Sender IDs supporting up to 18 digits.
  • Handset and Gateway delivery receipts
  • Message Encoding – GSM/ASCII/Binary/Latin-1/UCS2/UTF-16BE supported
  • Transcoding – As needed